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Subscribers Show Christmas Cheer

Christmas Eve is almost here and just liked we hoped our subscribers are enjoying a little Christmas cheer. Some went to Dunkin while others went to Starbucks either promised to be a treat while you out last minute shopping in these busy, and crowded streets. The Elves are busy around the clock stuffing Santa’s sack, and others busy prepping his sleigh, while twelve reindeer practice leaping in anticipation to pull his magical sleigh up, up, up, and away. Santa is checking his list once, and then twice consumed over who’s been naughty, and who’s been nice. Ms. Claus works hard to ensure Santa’s red suit is just right, and guarantees it will hold up for the trip all night. To leave a toy under every tree on Christmas day, is no small feat, especially after consuming treat after treat.

Hurry and don't be late, there's still time left for goodness sake. Simply pick your treat at Dunkin or Starbucks, scan the barcode and be on your merry way. Be sure to send me a selfie of your smiling face for it would surely make my day. Merry Christmas!

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