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P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) PUBLISHING INC


Mari And The Majestic Butterfly


With today’s COVID challenges and the increase in the loss of life at an all-time high, families struggle to cope with devastating losses, and preparation for closure under COVID restrictions. Many times confusion is created in our children as they try to understand the world of adults as it relates or impacts what is actually happening around them. The difficulty of understanding life’s challenges in a child’s mind far too often go unnoticed. Mari And The Majestic Butterfly share those tender yet very confusing moments where our children also struggle to understand what the loss of someone they loved dearly really means. This book will help young readers navigate through the overwhelming feelings and experiences associated with grieving the loss of a loved one from the eyes of a child when Mari and her brother’s lives are turned upside down with the passing of Grandma. She nor her brothers understand why Grandma left, and looks forward to her return. Mari’s various attempts to see Grandma is not only relatable, but her cleverness will keep young readers engaged in her attempts to find Grandma. Every parent will appreciate this wonderful story of a child’s true innocence in attempting to understand when someone they love dies. This is a great story that teaches young and old that those no longer with us will always live on in our hearts.

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