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Connie 5.5 X 8.5 Cover - May 5 2020.jpg

Are you having trouble sleeping, or mourning the loss of a significant person in your life? Are you struggling with how to move forward towards acceptance and some form of normalcy? When the Bough Breaks is a self-help book written to help validate dilemmas facing you in your life when coping with bereavement. The author offers a self-examination and reflection like none other as she vividly shares her unimaginable grief in the loss of her dear loved one and the personal struggles she faced in her quest to resume a happy life. This book is a guide for readers on solving personal issues and offering validation of experiences faced in coming to acceptance in the loss of their loved one through the power of scripture and journaling. The author offers comfort and inspiration in the most simplistic way. No matter how life unfolds when your bough breaks, you will fall, but scriptures teach us that you can, and will recover.

Here are a few intimate details about the book's cover. Connie provided sketches for the cover, but it was the talented Deanna First responsible for making her sketches come to life through her illustration. The butterflies on the cover have human faces representing her mother, sister, and herself. The initial sketches depict crying faces, but if you believe in Jesus Christ, then you also believe to be with the Lord is not that of sadness. Butterflies are associated with transition between one lifestyle, or journey into another.  While her mother made her transition, so did her daughters make their transition to womanhood to lead the lives she hoped, and prayed to God that they would. The color blue was her mother's favorite color thus the colors of the cover. 

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