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Matters of the Heart - In Honor of Mrs. Mary Ella Dumas-Standifer

As we prepare to lay a dear mother, mother-n-love, a grandmother both great, and great-great, a sister, and dear friend to rest this week, I am all over the place physically and mentally. I am feeling both happy and sad as precious memories continue to rush to the forefront of my mind; which is indeed bittersweet to say the least. During the holidays, I work extra hard to be happy in spite of the great sadness I feel over the loss of my parents, and what the holiday season use to be like with them. Equally, I work even harder to spread holiday cheer with my grandchildren and all I come in contact with. Yet, often moving from a high to a low over the loved ones I miss dearly, I am still in touch enough to understand that there will be many who will not see Christmas, welcome in the NewYear, and by no means am I removed from the probability. Through the highs and lows, I remain grateful to have been blessed to be apart of her family as a daughter-n-law. To think about the goodness of God and how he continues to bless me. I count it all joy and a blessing to have had such a wonderful mother, but to be graced with an equally wonderful mother-n-love my cup now runneth over and one of the very reasons I consider myself to be highly favored. This blog is written in remembrance of my Mother-n-Love, Mrs. Mary Ella Dumas-Standifer. She was a lover of God, her family, and community. We often fall too busy with business of the world that we forget the importance of making people feel loved and appreciated, but not Ms. Ella. When speaking with you she always made you feel special. I can't think of a time when she didn't tell you that she loved you, and when departing, I like many would attempt to recipocate the kinds words, she would always reply, “I love you more.” She was kind, super funny and possessed a smile that would lite up any room. I often tried to coheres her to tell hubby to do what I said, and to be good to me which he always was, but Ms. Ella would smile, softly chuckle saying, “Y’all listen to each other and be good to each other. Well into her nineties, she was vibrant and could still hold the attention of the younger family members. We dare not count her out to get up and show us that she could still gracefully shimmy her hips, sing her favorite song closing with a beautiful smile and the words, "hot diggity dog", or even sing along with you a religious song or two. I could go on with beautiful stories sharing glimpses of what an inspiring Christian soul she was. I will definitely miss her. Ms. Ella, another beautiful flower plucked from this earthly world for God’s Heavenly Garden. I’m heartbroken but understand Ms. Ella knew and loved God and this place was never meant to be her forever home, for her heart’s mission was always heaven bound to all that knew her. So, I leave my blog readers with this thought …you will never be remembered for what you do for someone, instead it’s a matters of the heart situation. People will only remember how you made them feel and Ms. Ella practiced showing love and kindness daily. So, in the sweet, sweet words of my dear mother-n-love listen to one another, be good to one another, and know that you too are loved. In the coming days when we have to lay Ms. Ella to rest, the moment will be difficult, hard, and for some unbearable, but inspite of the great grief we will feel in that moment or days to come we will be alright for weeping is endured for a night, but joy WILL come in the morning. In Psalm 31:7 (NLT) it tells us I will be glad and rejoice in your unfailing love, for you have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul. It's the matters of the heart that we love you more, but God loves you best. Thank you Ms. Ella for making me feel like you loved me like one of your own. Thank you for always loving me more for only a true heart of God could do that . Thank you for sharing your son, my Mr. Wonderful and raising him to be a good and honest man. When you get to glory kiss and hug my Mom and Dad. Rest in love Lady Dye.

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Well said Connie.....thanks to you I got to experience her Beauty and every interaction was nothing short of a Blessing. She will be greatly missed. Keep your head up, she's walking those streets of Gold.

Mi piace
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