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Lunch on the Ocmulgee River

A day on the river where turtles bask in God’s sun rays. Eagles soar looking for its first catch of the day. Catfish, Bass, and Trout swim in deep cool waters below searching for food on the river’s floor. Bullfrogs smile as they watch Dragonflies carefully hover above the river, with a blink of an eye it flies out of site. Hundred year old trees stand along the rivers edge hold secrets of past anglers hopes, dreams, and admiration of cast lines as they patiently wait. Leaves sway in silence providing a cool, and calming breeze then out of no where you hear a splash that interrupt their thoughts a glimpse is caught of a fish leaping up and out as your eyes are left to gaze the waters ripples. The river gently teases and laughs in silence thinking to myself am I worthy of a bite. Fisherman’s patience is finally rewarded by a gentle tug on the line. Ever slowly, the fishermen resend the cast. Slow, steady, barely breathing the line gets shorter, steady, but quietly the river’s surprise draws near. Flipping, splashing, resisting the catch, eyes light up with excitement and chest swells with pride it’s the big catch that makes your day on the river all the worth while. Lunch on the river.

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Jun 21, 2020

Being a fisherman myself, this is a wonderful and true insight.

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