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Just Shameful!

Somebody want all the gold for themselves and leave you my super subscribers out of luck, but not on my watch!!! God always prevails, and HE is still in the blessing business. It is just shameful that some sad individual decided to try to virtually steal the one special gift I set out to share with each of you. God showed favor,

and just like that my leprechaun friends in the Starbuck's fraud department jumped right on it, ensuring me that they would not leave a single clover unturned until they were able to identify and prosecute the St. Paddy's Day thief. Never the less a beautiful rainbow appeared to signify the sun still shines and we are still blessed. If you hadn't got your Starbuck drink please do partake. If you hadn't pre-ordered your book, they are going fast. Visit the site under the Inspiration Store to get your copy. Thanks again for always supporting me. Special thank you to those super subscribers who shared your selfie today. I always love seeing your smiling faces. Wishing you God's blessings on your journey. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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