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It’s National Author’s Day Y’all!

Thank you for staying on this journey with me as an author and going beyond just skimming the surface of support and actually subscribing. Writing a novel or short story is hard, but writing about your life or life experiences is even harder because you are opening yourself up to revealing your venerabilities and in many instances falling prey to ridicule, judgement, and even worst conflict. Today we live in a world of public opinion, but sadly some go beyond just having an opinion different from yours but in some cases it also comes with violence because your opinion may not mirror the reader’s opinion. To God be the glory, I have not suffered any of these situations, but I personally know others who have. In fact social media has become the electronic venue for throwing a rock and hiding your hand. I like to keep things real but that’s not the purpose of this blog so that’s all I’m going to say about that for now. In my opinion what makes us authors feel good about our written works is showing your support in the following ways: following and engaging with them on social media, subscribing to their website, reading and offering comments on their blogs, spot lighting them on your blog or social media page, or merely mentioning you as an author to others who have not read or seen your work. What makes my heart flutter even more is by gifting a book to someone in an effort to enlighten or brighten their day. Better yet a fan who writes a letter telling the author how much they appreciated the uplifting they got from reading their book. To commemorate National Author’s Day attached are a few pictures of our youngest recipients their smiles are everything to me. Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey and Happy National Author’s Day!

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