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Honoring Altheia Ellice Smith-Parham

There’s only been a few times where I have been lost for words and these past days have been one of those times. While lost for words, I too have been equally humbled and grateful to have met, known, and come to love my niece, Altheia Ellice Smith-Parham. Affectionately known to some Theia, and to me “Niece Pooh.” From the moment I met Ellice and all my other nieces, it’s been nothing short of happy times. These girls give me life, youthfulness, and bravery to do some once unthinkable things. I gave them the same nickname because I love each of them like my own daughter (Jada Pooh). Ellice knew no strangers as she and I hit it off right from the start. She wasn’t shy to ask questions and I was never shy to answer. She always was so thoughtful to include me in the many of girls (niece) discussions. We had some great times. We’ve laughed together, cried, prayed, broke bread, solved world problems, painted while each claiming their painting on canvas was nothing less than a Picasso, and sipped holiday spirits. Ellice and I were just together the day before Mother’s Day and again just a few days before she lost her battle to sarcoidosis a very rare and incurable disease. Just like always we had a great time. Her last and parting words were “Love y’all and see you later.” As life goes on at some point in time we all will pass, however there would be no P.U.S.H. Publishing Inc. had it not been for Ellice’s creativity. She was very encouraging and believe my book and publishing company would be successful. Like me she believed everyone have a story to tell. Ellice was the brainchild behind the name P.U.S.H. Publishing Inc. The letters form the word push, stand for Pray Until Something Happens. Ellice had a P.U.S.H. attitude about life as well as her illness. I’m sure she had some sad and difficult days, but I’m also sure she continued to push through each day with prayer and thanksgiving. I am going to miss her dearly, but know she is at peace, free from sickness, and resting in the presence of our Lord. In honor of her, please help me fill this blog post comments with prayers for the family. Remember the bough will break, you will fall, but you can and will recover. Just keep pushing! In the words of my dear Niece Pooh, “Love y’all and see you later” Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey.

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