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When The Stars Align Nothing Short of Brilliants Is On Display -Dorothea Taylor

Our final salute to Women’s History Month is the most fitting time to feature my next book, Mari And The Majestic Butterfly which has an April 13th ship date. It's my honor to feature the book’s Illustrator, Dorothea Taylor. Mari And The Majestic Butterfly is an African American story about the beautiful relationship grandparents share with their grandchildren. The story takes a sad turn, but moves along from the eyes of a child to a happy place of acceptance and understanding. Dorothea’s talents are on full display and were truly instrumental in this book soaring beyond what I as the author could have ever imagined and the reason P.U.S.H. Publishing Inc. wanted to feature Dorothea Taylor on our website blog post.

In search of the perfect artist for my book some where I read that Ms. Taylor had a special knack for words and pictures. I quickly learned Dorothea is not your average artist. She is an amazingly talented artist, designer, illustrator, and author of There’s a Dragon in My Closet. She specializes in exercising her gift in bringing any story to life through her lively imagery. Well, I was not mislead about her exceptional talents. This blog will serve two purposes one to highlight the book’s illustrator and the other as a testimonial of her impeccable work on this project. This being my first children’s book Dorothea asked all the right questions that proved instrumental in me thinking through a clear plan of how I wanted this book received by young readers and their parents. She was very responsive and I felt she was able to connect with me as the author and the character of the story. That wonderful connection spill over and on to every page in the book. She is indeed a gifted, and creative artist. Each time, she shared a rough draft I was moved to tears of joy. No words could adequately describe seeing her work. She took my amateur sketches breathing life into a beautiful piece of art page by page. Some of her art work appear to jump off the pages and I confident your little ones will enjoy these illustrations just as much as I do. This is not all this amazing and talented soul has to offer. Would you believe she also finds time among her many book projects, to run T.P. Design Inc., an award-winning design/illustration studio in Stone Mountain Georgia. I was blown away by her resume of past clients, she has worked with Disney, and Cocoa Cola to name a few. She has her own style and refers to it as designustration. I read, she refers to it this way because she integrates illustrations and typograph seamlessly into a cohesive unit. However, I am pretty sure I alike as well as others refer to her style being a blessed and anointed gift with an ability to aid any story from just being words on a page to becoming story book full of visual excellence. I am not only honored, but blessed to have had God align the stars, and I have the opportunity to work with such a gifted artist. For those of you looking for an amazing illustrator for your next project, may I introduce to you P.U.S.H. Publishing’s Honoree for Women’s History Month and the brilliant Illustrator of Mari And The Majestic Butterfly, Ms. Dorothea Taylor. To pre-order your copy of Mari And The Majestic Butterfly visit click the Inspiration Store tab and place you order today while supplies last.

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