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When The Bough Breaks Author, Connie D Standifer says Goodbye to 2020

After spilling some of my most inner feeling onto the pages of my book, “When the Bough Breaks”, and since starting this blog, I have always hoped to be able to write something that resonates with my readers and would encourage further thought, bring comfort, confirmation, hope, motivation to be better, and/or acceptance in what ever circumstances you may find yourself in while not knowing or forgetting everything will eventually work out if you have a relationship with God. Bottom line, my goal with this blog is to leave my readers with a positive experience or the ability to see the optimism and opportunity for positive growth even if it’s with an unpleasant experience. Although reader comments and likes are rare, I also know my opinions are not falling on deaf ears further encouraging the urge to share my thoughts as if one day you will see, feel and hear the message of my words that have spilled from my pen to these pages. Some have asked, “What makes you an expert”? Others may wonder, “Why do you care”? My voice, thought, spirit, and soul are a symphony of life’s struggles to simply feel safe, happy, accepted and loved. Something we all wish and hope for. I’ve always been somewhat of an open book to things and experiences that others are either afraid or ashamed to to talk about. So, it should not be of any surprise to those closest to me that I would publicly chose to turn my pain into purpose. I’ve always been a people person and possessed care and concern for others. My experiences can be the light far off into distance guiding someone else safely past life’s pitfalls and out of life’s valley’s. These experiences, lessons learned, and courage to share with others is what makes me an expert and my offering of testimony are nothing short of wisdom. Truth be told, disappointment, rejection, failure, and grief are very painful experiences, some unavoidable and others not so much. If I can prevent just one person from giving up or giving in, that would make everything I been through this far in life well worth it. The year 2020 was a struggle for everyone as we were tossed into change at a moment’s notice from life as we once knew it and into something we probably all would agree was like none other we had seen. I have accomplished a lot, but I’m really no different from you. I have loved and am loved, have lost battles, failed, been uncomfortable, violated, disrespected, and even afraid. I could say without a doubt I’ve had both good and bad experiences, but what has been a constant in each of them is God’s presence to see me through. I have had events happen in my life, that if asked at that time, I would have tossed in the towel or even agreed with naysayers that I am not worthy. I thank God for giving me the idea to create this blog for the purpose and in hopes of being a life line of hope to others who may be hanging on by a thread emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Someone might be on the edge of defeat, if so, grab hold of this life line and keep looking forward to better days. Some may be deeply scared, others broken hearted, whereas others may have lost their way. Yet, many of us made it to 2021 alive and grateful for the blessing to see this day, while far too many souls were robbed of life by this pandemic. Why we were spared and others not, I do not know, but what I do know is I am thankful for the opportunity to see another new year in this game of life. I pray you do also. I don’t make resolutions because to me resolutions forces you to focus on one thing that you more than likely will quit too soon, or will fail terribly at within the first thirty days. You have all year and many things you can work towards over a longer period of time that will take hold and last. All the mistakes of last year are behind you. You now have 52 weeks if it’s God’s will to right your wrongs, or set and achieve new goals. Those personal goals COVID wouldn’t allow in 2020, I pray God will manifest for his children in 2021. Your dreams, admirations, goals, and opportunities were not stipend, they were merely nurtured to mentally and physically withstand any unforeseen stumbling blocks to greatness at its appointed time. It’s time to say your goodbyes to 2020, stop looking backwards and look forward, proceeding with gratitude to live abundantly in 2021. Reach for the stars, grab hold tightly to your destiny, and have fun being creative. Greatness is depending on you. Happy New Year!

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