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What Awaits You In 2021

We are just 6 days into the new year as you look for new ways in the middle of a pandemic to exist, and get back to living, laughing, and loving by finding things to be excited about again, what awaits you in 2021 will depend solely on you. In my book, "When The Bough Breaks", Chapter 10, The Rebirth - Learning How to Live, Laugh, and Love there I talk about starting new and picking up those hobbies you've been wanting to do and for what ever reason, you did not have the time to pursue. This blog is about doing all those things but, making you aware that being successful is not a straight line to the top, nor is it a lot of people saying yes to your request. Being successful in many cases is more of hills, valleys, left and right turns. Surprisingly success may even have a few stalls in progress all together. What ever you desire, also know there won't be a lot of yes people at your disposal. Successful people hear more no than yes. How they choose to respond is the key. Successful people don't give a lot of energy to the no. In fact it's not no, but how. Did you get that? It is not no it is how and when is where they invest their energy. Even greater ammunition for success, is to keep God first in everything that you do. It is he that will give you the will power, the know how, and aligned the stars with the right people at the right place and time. Success does not happen over night, it takes time, planning, appropriate funding, and creativity to handle the unforeseen road blocks. Don't be dismayed by road blocks for they are only delays to make sure things align perfectly for your opportunity. Don't rush things, remember you just put God first, and all things happen in his time for your good. Do your homework. In most instances, people fail because they didn't do the research. There is someone out there who has already tried what ever you are pursuing and can offer lessons learned to prevent you from making the same mistake that will ultimately knock you off your game. Read, read, read! Don't associate your success with the success of someone else. Their talents may not be your talent, period! We are all talented and have a unique gift, but we are not equal. If we all were equally blessed their would be no need to strive towards anything. None of what I've written is rocket science, but there are millions of people who seem to allow success to slip through their finger tips on a regular basis because of instances I've mentioned in this blog. Don't be the next shoulda, coulda, woulda be smarter than that and realize what awaits you in 2021 will depend solely on you. Don't tell man, tell God. Go to God in prayer ask him and let him direct your path. Wishing you God's blessings on your journey!

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