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We Love Our Young Readers!

Little Ms. Naomi truly made my heart flutter with her thoughts on Mari Mask On Not Off. She made all the hard work I poured into this book worth every minute. Naomi shared with her grandmother that she loved this

book and I quote, "The great life lesson it teaches about the importance of wearing your mask" as well the correct manner in which to wear your mask was a great teaching moment. She's only 8 years old and now understands that although the pandemic is behind us, COVID is here to stay at least for now. There are children as a result of other medical conditions who have a weaken immune systems and may have to wear face coverings for their added protection. If you see someone wearing a face covering, don't assume they don't want to be approached or even touched. Instead, be mindful that they may be or someone in their immediate family may have a weaken immune system that requires the need for the additional protection of wearing a face covering. Naomi, thank you for being a avid reader and sharing your thoughts on the book with me. I'm confident you will be a bright and powerful young leader. Continue to spread your wings and soar! Wishing you God's blessings on your journey.

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