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Think Happy Thoughts

If you are like me, stayed home, enjoyed an intimate dinner with hubby wearing my New Year celebratory party hat, was an onlooker to a few great neighborhood fireworks, attended virtual watch night, and went to bed shortly after the stroke of midnight. Our idea of bringing in the new year may be a bit boring to the brave souls still going out and about during a pandemic to local hot spots. Surprisingly, I didn’t rise with the chickens as I usually do, and the rainy weather didn't help. Instead, I slept in yesterday morning which is something I rarely do. I think my body and mind chose to lay needing to decompress and release the stresses from last year. As I laid there taking advantage of that quite time in thought. Quickly coming to my mind, I thought about those who are no longer with us realizing that there are families left behind to weather life’s storm. As we officially welcomed in a new year, there are others who without a choice still dealing with residual impacts of 2020. My advice to start the day and this year going forward is to be grateful for what you have and think happy thoughts. Today is still a new day full of opportunities to begin your goals. If you hadn’t identified anything specific, that’s okay too. If you did, post in the comments what your goals for 2021 will be. If you didn't, it's never too late. When ever you decide to get moving, I am challenging you to start each day off by thinking happy thoughts full of gratitude, and in no time those thoughts will be joined by happy smiles. The world can’t wait to see that beautiful face and smile.

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