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The Sun Will Rise And We Will Try Again

COVID-19 with all of it limitations and challenges we face for some form of normalcy has caused us to explore ways to connect using various technology. So, we used software last night to bring the When The Bough Breaks (WTBB) round table discussion into living rooms world wide. It worked the day before in a trail run without any glitches. The devil got mad and then got busy to stop us. While we had many challenges, God’s work was not stopped. HE still prevailed in the below facts:

1. When The Bough Breaks is an awesome book. It can, it will, and it already has helped many who have read it.

2. I am the author of WTBB who poured her heart and soul into this book in hopes that others will be able to move passed their devastating losses and by no means is the technology challenges we faced a reflection of me as the author or my book.

3. We had some amazing women whom have suffered various forms of grief willing to share what WTBB meant to them. So, I commend and thank them for their willingness to share their authentic selves with the world.

4. I’m still grateful to Barbara and Faith N Action Ministries for the opportunity to share my journey to writing this book using their platform.

5. The buffering , start delays, and other connectivity issues are very similar to the experiences we face in every day life. Just like those road blocks in life, this too shall pass.

Thank you to all who attempted to watch the interview. We will work the kinks out and try it again. Remember, the Bough will break, you will fall, but you can and will recover.

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