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The Perfect Oasis In The Middle Of A Once-In-A-Century Pandemic

Unlike most, as the world re-opens desperately trying to regain some sense of normalcy, hubby and I continue to be in our own little private bubble, in an attempt to continue to try and stay clear of the Rona only venturing out for the bare necessities. Thankful to God, we have been successful thus far. However, I must admit being the extrovert that I am it has been pretty difficult. If you know me, then you also know, I love people, shopping, great food, and trying new and different things while venturing out to some of Georgia’s many beautiful hidden locations, or even better cruising the aqua blue tranquil waters of the Caribbean. However like many others, for the last 18+ months we’ve been confined to our home. Since visiting eateries in North and South Georgia was out of the question, I looked for other creative ways to stay safe by bringing what we love to the confinement of our home. Mr. Wonderful mastered some of our favorite restaurant dishes we enjoyed pre-COVID. If I must admit, the dishes actually taste better. I’m not really a big city girl, but I love big city life. Who would have thought I would find solace in what now is the perfect oasis of simply listening for the ducks to fly over our roof bound for the neighborhood lake, watching our deck for hummingbirds, or seeing squirrels gather nuts in preparation for the winter would be exciting, but to my surprise it is. With a few pressure treated boards and some nails, together we created our own little oasis perfect for watching morning sunrises, or evening sunsets; and so can you. You can make it a weekend project. You would be amazed what a few potted plants, citronella candles on the table, Tiki torches, a simple string of lights, music, a themed table scape, and great food can do for the psyche. If you are going for a more tranquil vibe, there’s just something about tilling soil with your hands to plant something and watching it grow, which can surely ease the stressors of life. Whether it be enjoying an umbrella drink on the beach in the Caribbean, or having a delicious salad on the sidewalk of a New York City bistro, you can bring that same vibe to your home. So, get those creative juices flowing and construct the oasis of your dreams. Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey.

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