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The Fight of all Fights - Effective vs. Ineffective

Effective enters the ring confident, posed, and calculated as to how he will counter the egotistical assault against his psyche. Although he possesses extensive teaching and no documented errors recorded, he remains yet under constant attack. If that isn’t enough to leave him discouraged, he still feels driven to face his

opponent; Ineffective. Pulling the very ropes destined to contain him, and ultimately chock away any sign of life after entering the ring, Effective is still compelled to answer the challenge with no rhyme or reason other than to thy own self his quest to solidify his truth and worthiness. Shaken but still determined, he faces a tall and dark Ineffective whose impeccable winning record of defeats of every opponent he’s faced adorn his waist idealizing his many glorifying wins. Ineffective whom is even more posed, confident and calculated towards a sure win; and Effective's demise. The bell rings signaling the start of the fight of all fights; Effective verses Ineffective. They circle left, then right, gaging in anticipation of who will throw the first punch, quickly effective sustains the first, second, and third blow to his body, mind, but surprisingly not his soul. Driven by anger and the mere audacity that Effective still stands, Ineffective moves in driving Effective against the ropes administering more devastating blows to his body but not his psyche. Ineffective has Effective right where he wants him, drawing back to deliver the ultimate farewell and expected TKO, but just in a nick of time, the bell rings before Ineffective lands the winning blow. Effective heavily bruised, beaten, and beginning to feel ineffective while approaching acceptance of defeat. Yet before the surrender towel is thrown from his corner the rest bell summons him back to center ring. Faith struts

a full circle holding the sign of favor, but this time although bloody, and bruised, Effective returns differently. His return seems to possess a spark of energy, he moves effortlessly, and lessons learned from previous rounds now in his favor, his speed unmeasured, his gloves up shielding his face, seeming patient but calculated, Effective is unafraid of any possibility of losing to Ineffective. But why? And how? We all know that experience is the best teacher. For all those times you felt ineffective, that wasn’t it at all, instead your timing was off. The lessons you’ve learned may have left you feeling like a punching bag, but equally those punches were endured solidifying a historic win. Although battered black and blue, the inevitable fact remains true that you are the greatest of all time because God said so. Stay in the fight, but take God with you into your next round of battle and watch the forces against you diminish. He’s never lost a battle no matter who or what the opponent might be. Who are you fighting other than yourself? Effective and ineffective is one in the same and you can’t have one without ever having experienced the other. In life you will have some moments where you feel effective and other moments you won’t. That’s just life. In life, it’s how you prepare for the fight. It doesn’t matter who’s in the ring, what matters is who’s in your corner. Take Jesus in life’s ring with you at all times, your relationship with him is everything. Who needs a victory belt when you can where a crown! What ever ring you find yourself in wishing you God's blessing on your journey. Happy Hump Day!

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