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The Deceit in Instant Gratification Can Be A Delay In Success - Don’t Be Fooled You Can't Hurry God

The end of the school year is upon us, and families are attending graduations ceremonies everywhere. I got to thinking what would my commencement speech be to our future leaders of tomorrow and this quickly came to mind. The old cliché,

“It’s Now or Never” means it must be done right at this moment or the opportunity will never present itself again. But, the term, “It’s all or nothing” that can lead you to a place of desperation ultimately leading you on a path of self destruction of the very goals you set out to achieve. Although life itself is made up hills as well as valleys, God don’t want you to back into anything. He wants you to walk into it with your eyes open. He does not want you to circumvent the process by taking short cuts or making shady deals. He wants you to have the faith to trust the process even if you don’t understand it. When the process seems long and drawn out, he expects us to stand firm on his word that he will give you everything required to be successful at the appointed time. Anything worth having comes with real work and sometimes that very work may consist of a little blood, sweat, and a whole lot of tears. Truth be told get rich tricks don’t work and quick success don’t last. At the end of the day all you have is divine order. God does not operate in chaos. God got it and of course you want it, but any pursuit towards achieving your hearts desire must be done in God’s time! Underhandedness and trickery all in the attempt to circumvent the process to get what you want and when you want it is totally against the mindset of being optimist and believing God has all power. So, to the leaders of tomorrow please remember if it’s happening with hardly any thought, and/or efforts to ensure it’s structurally sound it will be short lived. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can hurry God. Pray for what you want, be sincere, and specific. He hears all requests and answers according to his will. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. The deceit in instant gratification can be the setback to your true destiny. Graduation is one of the best times in your life, enjoy the moment and be even more excited about the new opportunities that await you. What ever you do, wherever you go, be sure to take God with you. He’s got the roadmap to your destination and the appointed time of your arrival. Don’t be sidetracked by the deceit of shortcuts. I can’t wait to see your contribution to the world. Congratulations 2022 Graduates! Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey.

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