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When the stresses of remote learning have you feeling like a Scrooge, and your Fa la la la just ain’t in a jolly mood. There is no time for hot cocoa, Christmas cakes and pies, and all you want to do is close your sleepy eyes. Lord, I’m tired of the remote learning camera and microphone too, oh dear God hurry and draw thee closer to you. I made a list and checked it twice, now you tell us there’s missing assignments, which leaves no question' as to who's naughty and who’s nice. Fa la la la just ain’t in a jolly mood. Hubby want's a hot plate and his snuggle time too. If remote learning has you lookin like a Scrooge, then your Fa la la la just ain’t in the jolly mood. I’ve got 45 reasons why this ain’t a silent night as our leaders sue for a recount as algebraic expressions dance in our heads of what is x times y. It seems like I’m now teaching a foreign language cause mister’s attention span has long gotten up and left the room. I’m now taking a deep breath in a psychological recount of 1, and 2, and 3, now breath in then exhale head in hand, and beg the Lord Jesus, please touch this little man. Fa la la la just ain’t in a jolly mood. In sheer desperation to unlock knowledge from 4 scores ago, household dust and cobwebs remain in sight, daylight is gone and now it’s night. Fa la la la just ain’t the jolly mood, cause remote learning has you feeling just like a Scrooge. Hold on tight, Christmas break is almost here, just Thank God you still have peace, good health, and some yule tide cheer. Our Love stands strong through a year of COVID as we prepare to celebrate God’s greatest gift to the world, a little baby boy named Jesus, born in a manger and sent to save one and all. Some call him Savior while others call him Emanuel. Whether you are masked up, or having to social distance from family and friends too, it still holds true that Jesus is the reason for the season and was sent to save me and you. Together we’ll get through this, I just know we will. As Christmas approaches we move closer to the end of a very trying year, we will still sing hallelujah, cause the reason for the season is near and dear. A CHILD IS BORN. By Connie Standifer Written December 13, 2020 0800AM

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