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Renae's Starbucks Experience

Thanks for the cute self Renae. I love my brave subscribers who don't mind sending selfies. Your smiling faces mean everything to me. Renae writes, "Her go to Starbucks drink is always the Chai Latte Tea perfect on a chilly day." This Starbuck favorite is served hot or cold. Per Renae, hot is the way to go. This Latte consist of tea, milk, whipped cream and topped off with granulated cinnamon sugar. For those who have not taken advantage of the free complimentary Starbucks drink the offer is still available. Special instructions to redeem this limited time offer are as follows; make your food or drink selection in store or in drive thru. To pay, the cashier will scan the barcode provided in the previous blog post, and you all set. It’s that simple. Thanks again for all you do to support me on this journey as an author and CEO of P.U.S.H. Publishing Inc.

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