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Reflecting On The Top Moments Of 2021

I decided to close out the year giving thanks to God for what he has already done in my life and increasing my faith for what he sees fit to do in 2022. We made it

to see a new year, and that is more than enough to be grateful for. Times have changed, people are different, and the world has spun out of control. Don’t know about you, but having life, good health, and a sound mind out weigh any financial gains. As the year comes to a close, I normally have moments of great sadness, but this year was very different. I did reflect, but not in sadness but more along the lines of having gratitude over just being alive. So, there is no New Year resolution, I’m letting God lead and guide me. I’m not worried how much weight I need to lose, nor am I concerned about how much wealth I need to achieve. I’m living in total freedom. I’m not worried about nothing and no one. I’m not in competition with anyone or anything. I am trusting God will take care of all my needs personally, professionally, and spiritually. I’m praying for peace, health, safety, and discernment for my family, friends, and subscribers. I pray that whatever goals you set for yourself in 2022 is all that you hoped they would be, but I encourage you to stay mindful that success is not dependent upon what someone thinks about your ambitions nor is the road to the top a straight one. Instead success is solely dependent upon you and God’s destiny for your life. A realistic view of success is full of high and low points, prolonged stops along the way, and moments of redirecting for landing a clearer target. What ever road you are on in your journey in 2022, learn to enjoy the small victories along the way. Successful people at some point all experienced failure. The drive to continue to pursue your dreams is what it is all about. Thanks to you my subscribers for your support. I’m a successful author because of you. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with my craft in 2022, but I hope you are still with me for the ride. Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey, and Happy New Year! Below are six top moments of success as a new author and CEO of P.U.S.H. publishing.

1. You became a subscriber adding to WTBB family.

2. When The Bough Brakes makes the shelf of local bookstore in suburban Atlanta.

3. Author, Connie D. Standifer television appearance as Author of the Month on Preach The Word Worldwide Network.

4. Women At The Well Podcast- January Series Speaker - “Declaring God’s Goodness in 2021”with Evangelist Phyllis Stephens and Prophetess Sabriena Williams

5. The birth of WTBB website and Online Inspiration Store featuring the Butterfly Collection.

6. Breaking news of a second book, “Mari And The Majestic Butterfly.”

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