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Oh, Now I See How It Really Is!

In this new journey as a published author and CEO of my own publishing company, sometimes I too need a bit of encouragement and mentoring because you can never stop learning to improve your gift. I enjoy the Instagram reels from Pastor Keion @PastorKeion and follow on Instagram Book Writing Coach, Shannon Anderson (iamshannonanderson). Both Pastor Keion and Shannon in the recent days shared what I thought were inspiring nuggets that not only hit close to home, but opened my eyes and gave me a totally different way of looking at things, which in this blog I'm sharing with you. You probably didn't know, but sometimes I get discouraged in that it seems as if my blogs are falling on deaf ears because the comments are few and far between. Rather it be Facebook, Instagram, or even Tik Tok to get any real attention, or a sky rocking number of likes on social media you have to either be nearly naked, rump shaking, acting a fool, or spewing profanity, and or other forms of hate. We don't even want to try and understand the social media craze over the algorithms piece of the marketing puzzle holding your content hostage to make matters worst. What seemed to be a slack in interest to me, Pastor Keion and Shannon helped enlighten me to see differently. You see, no matter what you think about me as an author, or the content I share with the world, my gift to you is my gift from God. We each are assigned a special gift and some may appear to be similar, but realize your gift and my gift are not the same. In fact, Pastor Keion shared, " The packaging SEPARATES the gift and the people who your gift is for can see you for exactly who you are." When that hit my ears, I almost shouted. See what Pastor Keion was sharing is God not only gives you the gift, he packages your gift like no other, then he aligns the very individuals whom your gift was meant to be received. Now I, know somebody running around the room just like I did when I heard that mighty word. I then got a notification that my girl Shannon was going live. Quickly leaving the reels to watch Shannon live, she then hit me with, "We are not writing books to just throw them out into the atmosphere, but we are writing to reach a specific person(s). God gave you this experience to share in this case through the writing of your book. Fear in thinking your book will not be good enough, if people will take you serious, or if you will have any sales is waisted energy. God gave you the gift, the vision for your book, and he will also give you the readers, subscribers, and new followers. Your book is predestined to fill a need. Shannon dropped the final nugget, "People are assigned to you!" Confirmation, message received The package separates the gift. Pastor Keion couldn't have said it any better, "When you are operating in your gift, you are not visible to the people the gift was not meant for." And as Shannon said, we are not just writing books for the sake of writing, your audience is pre-ordained and when the time is right they will understand the assignment. So I'm worrying over this no more. God is in complete control, and I'm grateful for he loving me and wanting me to be so successful that he has already assigned the people our gifts are really meant for. Message sent, delivered, and received. Wishing you God's blessing on your journey. Have a blessed remaining Sunday!

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