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My Sweet Valentine

You are more than a day on a calendar in a year. You are my sweet valentine every day, all day through out and in the year. You are more than a card with someone else’s tender words. You are my sweet valentine touched, prayed over, and sent from God above.

I am so blessed to have been given such a sweet valentine as dear as you. God heard my sincere prayers and sent me oh so sweet and beautiful you. I love your smile, the smell of your sweet fragrance riding on the wind, the way you walk with such pride, style and grace. My sweet and funny valentine no one could ever take your place. This one special place I hold is so close and dear to my heart for my sweet valentine our love is true and could never part.

You are more than a box of chocolates of an assortment or two, my sweet valentine there could never be another you. Your chocolate kisses are so sweet, your caramel skin rich under the sun’s glow, your dark chocolate eyes still manage to sparkle on a starry night. What a blessed privilege to share a world with you is nothing short of being alright.

You are more than twelve roses from a stranger’s garden. You are my sweet valentine in your arms our love will forever grow far beyond any garden’s gate for all the world to see. For you are my sweet valentine, God gave life to, set on a path destined to find me.

You are more than a cute cuddly stuff bear to snuggle up with at night. My sweet valentine in your arms is the only place of rest for a peaceful night. See what we share is a love come true, blessed by God and destined for me and you. My sweet Valentine this is your special day, tomorrow, and forever more. My sweet Valentine the love of my life and the one I will forever adore.

- Connie D. Standifer

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