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Morning Blessing

Good morning my winged friend, I sat in silence sipping my morning coffee in hopes that you would come. Pondering in thought of what today will bring while basking in the sun. In the blink of an eye you appear, as flower blooms stand at attention full of sweet nectar you quickly draw near. Checking for clearance to take a quick sip; while darting from bloom to bloom in a pollination frenzy. I’m fascinated with your presence and sadden by your need to flee at the mere glimpse of me. Shush, be still, I dare not move, as I watch him. Wow, he is so tiny, but beautifully colored glittering like jewels in full sun light as he vanishes with a zip out of human site. With gratitude, I smile and thank God for another opportunity to see his beautiful hummingbird and start a new day with my beloved morning coffee. I am blessed.

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