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Just a Splash of Faith to Go With the Flow

In today’s climate it’s important to stay relevant. In order to stay relevant you have to constantly birth new ideas to reinvent yourself or even your ideas especially if you offer products or services to the public. The push to be relevant breeds the need to be competitive. But why? It’s a known fact that time waits for no one. Equally important, I could make the argument that everything takes time. I could complicate the thought even more and say everything has its own place and time. Ecclesiastes 3 (NKJV) tells us “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.” But, if that’s true... which I’m of the opinion that it is, then there is no real need for competition. This beast called competition is another man created stressor to knock true creativity off its game. Let’s look at this closer....

Have you ever wondered why a great idea seems to loose strength or momentum? Well, just like the river’s current flows in a particular direction so can a great idea. When one can relax, ride the water’s current in the direction it intends to flow, there is forward movement. But, the one who tries to resist the river’s direction, in an attempt to hurry downstream, the resistance and fight against the current can in most instances be not only exhausting, painful, and stifling but, it may cause one to never arrive at the ordained destination resulting in an idea’s premature demise. But when we are able to have just a splash of faith, trust the process, consider the timing, and ride the river’s ripples of opportunity while enjoying the scenery, is when our great ideas can remain hydrated, creating the perfect vessel for traveling in unfavorable water’s and around river banks, set up as stumbling blocks. Keep the faith in knowing God knows the water source, its source location, and can calm those same once rough waters creating an outflow which will lead to ponds, lakes, oceans, and far reaching seas of great depth and abundance for unimaginable success. Slow moving, and/or eventful currents build patience, character, and wisdom in knowing how to withstand outside stressors. Fast never last, and it’s never wise to dive into shallow waters. Embrace the direction the waters are taking you, and remain mindful of lurking river creatures. It’s not how fast you get downstream, but when your voyage is successfully completed. Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey.

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