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Jesus Take The Wheel!

Have you ever felt like nothing is going right and if it ain't one thing then surly it's something else. Maybe you've even felt like you were at your lowest, and still considering everything you are already going through, and if that wasn't enough, hell still manages to find away to break loose. In all that chaos, you still have to prepare for tomorrow's work day. As you move towards the start another new week in 2022, and things seem to be moving a little slow towards showing any signs of operating in your favor, try turning the wheel over to Jesus, and let him take you to your destination. He knows every bend and bump in the road designed to be your dream’s dead end. As your God assigned chauffeur, he knows the predetermined stops, and he is equipped with all required for a safe journey into success. At times, you may make a few wrongs turns, or even get lost when those instances occur,

ask him for a little traveling mercy. Better yet, ask Jesus to take the wheel, exercise your faith in him and say boldly where you go I’ll follow. How soon you get there doesn’t really matter. When you get there makes your travels all the more worth it. Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey. Have a blessed week!

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