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If Santa Was A Black Man

Picture Titled: Santa Claus by Artist, Jeffery Kearns

If Santa was a black man, just what would Christmas be like? Could I close my eyes and count on him to make it through Christmas night? Would he be delayed because you questioned why he’s in your hood? Why the thought still exist that he couldn’t be there to do a common good. Would he be further delayed in spreading Christmas cheer because of what’s in his sack or would ya take him down for further questioning just because he’s black. For those who said Santa was a white man, that could not possibly be, the Santa I know coming through my hood looks like you and me. If Santa was a black man Ms. Claus would spend the night pacing the floor in prayer that Santa would be all right. She would pray for no hurried sirens, or gunshots far off into the night. She’d pray gangs would make a truce even if for one night. Morgues would be empty, and tears would be spared, indeed that would be a silent night if only someone cared. For our lives matter, and our dreams do too. If Santa was a black man and peace just could not be. There would be no wrapped presents left under the decorated tree. If Santa was a black man with all he’s had to endure, psychologically he is still constrained no matter what he do. For us to be free from the evils of man, we should follow the star as wise men once did, in hopes that this world would be saved from judgement all because of the color of our skin. For the true spirit of Christmas is not contained in a box. The true spirit of Christmas is what’s in our hearts.

By Connie D Standifer

Written December 22, 2020

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Merry Christmas Connie The ❤️ heart is the is the key love it represents when the bough breaks the heart grows...Amen

Mi piace
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