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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas with Author & P.U.S.H. Publishing CEO Connie D. Standifer

If you are new to our super subscriber family, bet you didn’t know I have friends in very high and cold places where hills are covered with snow. To him and his Elf’s, I am more than just an author of a book or two. I’m his most cherished and he’s coming on my behalf with a special delivery just for you. So don’t be naughty and not partake. Be nice and enjoy a little Christmas Cheer for goodness sake. In the spirit of Christmas, please tag me in your photo/story when you get your favorite Starbucks treat. I love to see your happy faces. At checkout, simply have the cashier scan the barcode to pay then your off and on your merry way. This is offer is for a limited time only. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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