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Guess What's Just Over The Horizon?

Here at P.U.S.H. Publishing Inc., with God we don't just fly, we soar! As we face the three year anniversary of my dear father's passing on April 4 and my sweet mother on April 20 just ten years prior, as CEO of a publishing company growing and moving forward, I have to look and embrace the silver lining no matter how bleak things may seen at times. Yet, once again, God has not failed to give us something else to smile about. We are thankful for his continued blessings and the ability to use this platform whole heartedly and share with each of you. Like many of you who have suffered unimageable losses, we continue to pray until something happens and just like that, here we are sharing awesome news that we have another book release coming soon titled, "Mari Mask On Not Off!" Mari is at it again and if we’ve learned anything about her, we learned when she puts her mind to something, she’s determined to see it through by any means necessary with or without her brothers. In this book, Mari Mask On Not Off, young readers will find her to be no different. Mari expresses her rebellion and fears of wearing her mask. It’s cute and hilariously funny. Children everywhere will understand and ease their fears over wearing face coverings while at play. Our plans are to release in the late May/ June timeframe. Stay tuned for pre-order information, and book signing events coming near you, at The Shoppes of Monticello, Mann Christian Resource Center, and Story on The Square. Until then, wishing you God's Blessings on your journey.

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