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First To Solve Riddle Wins The Prize

First subscriber to solves today’s riddle will receive a complimentary hot/cold 22oz. quoted bottle. It’s one of my new featured products just in time for the holidays from the Butterfly Collection. The quote reads, "Live, Laugh, Love, and Repeat!” Please put your riddle response in the blog comments. You must get every part of the riddle correct to win.

Here goes….

If it walks like a ———— and talks like a —————- it must be a ——————! If it ain’t, then it’s ————- bait! In 1965 the same year Author/CEO Connie D. Standifer was born ______________ invented —————— as a way to quench players' thirst and replace carbohydrates and electrolytes lost through sweating in the intense —————— heat? Good luck! Wishing you God’s blessing on your journey.

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