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El Roi God Sees Me

Sometimes our problems get so big that we become overwhelmed and can’t see beyond what is front and center. As a result we loose focus, feel powerless, alone, and often become depressed over the situation. We even go as far to question, “Why me?” Although it isn’t uncommon to feel this way. To think that having no control over the situation is in fact a blessing in disguise. Most would think is a long stretch in being optimistic. Well, not really... why not you and why not now? God opens

and closes doors all the time. Contrary to what some people think, miracles happen beyond 34th street. Truth be told, God sees you. You are not alone and all is never lost. God’s trying to bless you right now in this very moment. He’s working it out for your good. The place of discomfort you are feeling is your growing place. Embrace it and walk in assurance believing everything needed to push through God has already made the necessary provisions. The foundation is set, the appropriate people are in place, all that is required of you is to trust that it will all work out. El Roi, God sees me! He knows my heart and with him I will be just fine.

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