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Cynthia's Starbucks Experience

I just love, love subscriber testimonials. Here's one that many of you who are not fans of coffee or tea can not only relate too, but still take advantage of the Starbucks offer.

Cynthia writes, "Her new Starbucks favorite is Iced Chai Latte, with brown sugar syrup, oat milk, pumpkin cream foam, and pumpkin topping. I've never been a fan of tea or coffee, but when given the opportunity to try Starbucks for the first time I could not resist. I follow aprilbeee_ on social media who appears to love Starbucks. She had a cute little reel raving about the Iced Chai Latte. I decided that I should give it a try. I did a screenshot of the ingredients, and I must say I'm really shocked at how good it tasted. Thanks Connie for the complimentary drink it was delicious."

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