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Cozy & Blessed Morning

If you know me, then you also know, I absolutely love snow. Odd of course, because I was born and raised in sunny Florida to parents who were not fond of cold weather. Never the less, I love seeing the seasons change and that beautiful, white, fluffy stuff, even if it creates travel headaches for many others. Snow cap scenes are just breath taking to me, but I'm sure those in other corners of the world who have had to shovel enormous amounts of snow, or who have had the experience of being trapped inside for days on end would beg to differ on its pleasantries. Yet, Kingston and I are patiently waiting for the weather man's predictions ring true. Mr. Wonderful keeping our cozy fire going, while equally praying against Kingston and I desires for snow. Unbothered still enjoying the present moment we are seeing big flakes of snow, but that will not satisfy this Florida girl's desires. I'm going to need those flakes to start sticking to the ground. I can't wait to run out and make my snow angel and snowman even if my snowman won't be no more than half a foot tall. Stay tune for pics of my version of a winter wonderland. Meantime enjoy a few pics of our current situation. Happy Sunday!

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