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Can’t Fix What You Can’t Face

Imagine things seeming to always happen in the worst way. Happy times seem to travel in the opposite direction of the road you are traveling. Your love life is in the dumps, and your career is in a slump. The sun never shines and clouds forever hang low and these mishaps seem to have driven you towards a dead end of complete depression and an all-inclusive pity party of assessing my horrible life. Would you believe it if I told you for every failure in life at some point along the journey there will also be successes. There has to be some bad days in order to recognize what a good day looks like. Bottom line, there is a reaction for every action. In other words, we cannot control every experience, but we can control how we choose to respond. You can fix the very things you are not happy about in your life. You ask how? You have full control of fixing those things by facing the very things that got in this undesirable situation in the first place. Whether it be failure in a relationship, academic, profession, or even acceptance in the loss of a loved one, the power to moving forward and fixing it is merely facing the stumbling block that got you there. Now, we are powerful people, and we can speak our existence, but we cannot control who lives or dies. We can pray for their healing and God’s will, but healing doesn’t necessarily mean they are in fact healed here on earth. Sometimes healing is also absence of the body. That’s a pretty serious statement which we will save for another blog. To keep things simple and for the sake of this blog…No man can open a door God closes, or close a door that God has opened. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, pick up the pieces, and know that you might be down, but you are not out. You have another chance to get it right. Always remember, the bough will break, you will fall, but you can and will recover. I’m looking forward to you feeling great again. Wishing you God’s blessings on your journey.

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