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Breaking News - Second Book

Surprise!!!!!That's right, your favorite author's second book (children's book) just cleared the editor's desk and you are the first to know. This book covers a seldom discussed life issue from a child's view point. I recently finished the final sketches for the illustrator. Here is a little story for my super subscribers. When I was about middle school age, my parents had a monthly magazine subscription and in this magazine was an artist section that I became very fond of, it ask readers to draw a picture and submit your version for a chance to win a monetary prize. Sometimes the pictures were of faces and other times of animals. I enjoyed sketching them, but never got the nerve to submit for a chance to win a prize. I think I'm pretty good, but never developed the skill of sketching the same face multiple times. Hint, which is why I hired a professional artist for my upcoming book. In the spirit of Women's History and Black History month, I decided that all collaborations for my second book would be with women of color to include the main character of my book. I am of the opinion there should be more diversity in children books. The editor's wishes (a woman of color) are to remain undisclosed, therefore I will not disclose her name. However, the illustrator resides in Stone Mountain Georgia and her name will grace the front cover as Illustrator. So I'm pretty excited and can't wait to give my subscribers a sneak peek of the cover, and title upon cover completion. Contractually, the illustrations are scheduled to be completed by end of May. Stay close, big things are unfolding for PUSH Publishing in 2021. Wishing you God's blessings on your journey!

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