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Black Man You Have Super Powers

Justice seems to fall on the wrong side whenever you are in public view, guilty as charged without “the man” ever knowing you. So, you hang your head in shame, walk in fear carrying a promise to forever remain far from privilege’s view. Black man you made the commitment to allow no one close to your heart, that way you fill no pain should you have to part.

Two thousand, and twenty you faced death at every corner. If it wasn’t from the forces in blue, you still had to watch your back from the brother standing on the corner too. Faith, hope, and peace seep from the grips of your fingertips and out from your hand as you quickly lose sight for your fellow man. Angry over it all you bend your hands to form a tight fist, and tears begin to fall, you are on the verge of striking back until you hear the call.

Black man considering all that you’ve endured, you know that brothers will come, and brothers will go. Why you’re still here only God could know. They still find ways to scandalize your name, even though you fight hard to stay in life’s game. Praying to your God on every turn, that your life will not be snuffed out and placed in an urn. Ya see, mama ain’t got no money, and daddy ain’t got no fame, one wrong move, surely your life will burn; and all your families got now, is your remains resting in a cold urn. Yet you try even harder to hold on to your faith what little there is left, and pray to God that he keeps you in very good health. There’s a plague taking lives left and right, while blue lives are kicking in the doors of the poor, in frustration you look to God and scream “I just can’t take no more”. A soft voice gently says follow me, for I will show you the way, I know you walk in fear day after, day after, day.

In your walk with him you question, why they hate you so. Looking deep within you God sees that you really don’t know. Black man you were chosen to lead your family carrying their hope, dreams, and admirations all upon your back, promising to protect them from the strife of man’s many attacks. You have been persecuted, broken, and shamed, yet through it all you still remembered to call upon my name. For many years you walked in fear, feeling blessed to see a new year. Two Thousand, and Twenty One is full of promises of being better than that of last year, just a few days into Twenty One, and death still draws near. Is this still the land of the free, where opportunity flourishes, and hopes of prosperity are more than a wish. Black man you possess super powers if only you look within, see there is still hope, and this is not the end. All is not lost for God is still in control and pouring out his Love, no matter what you see, keep the faith, and trust the Father above. He knows the plan as well as the hour, for it was he who blessed you with such super powers. See, black man you were chosen and should have no shame, hold your head high, strive to endure and yet still reclaim, all that he promised, because you know his name. Black man please know that God’s promise still holds true, for your soul mate he made and sent, cannot survive without the love and strength of you. In the midst of all you will come to see and all you will come to do, black man stand tall and proud in truth and be your best YOU. Realizing this world seems hopeless as it just may be, it still needs and relies on you, to soar to great heights and be free. Black man you have super powers, stand tall and raise your fist to the sky, for it is by the grace of God that you are getting by. Go head my king, and hold your head high because it was God that gave you super powers and through him you will never die. Black man troubles may come, but don’t be in dismay because you have super powers, and God is only a whisper away.

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