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Because of Them

Two thousand, and twenty-one has unfolded like no one could have ever expected and while we are all trying to take a deep breath, and find strength after all that transpired in 2020 to turn a page of new. Hope, restoration, and rehydration for growth is under an outright attack. Because of them, and such a time as this, we must double down, and saturate our minds and hearts to something greater and press forward. I know you probably feel exhausted, weak, and fed up with everything and everyone. Yes, the world is a mess, but more importantly your hope and peace must be protected at all cost. The year of 2020 and the recent incidents of 2021 confirm that hope and peace are in need of rehydration, restoration, and motivation to continue to strive for not just personal growth, but a spiritual growth. My sisters, this blog is intended to feed your thirst, rebuild, and provide the inspiration necessary to swing the pendulum in the other direction. My brothers, stay with me. Don't be discouraged. I see your struggle, know your worth, and a blog is coming to uplift, and redefine all that you are and God desire that you be, but I must talk to my sisters, and your helpmate first.

Because of them we cannot lose focus, give up, or retreat back to broken, busted, and disgusted falling prey to the wickedness manifesting all around you. Yes, the current situation appears unbalanced, and yes, it appears that all hell have broken loose, but in spite of all that you see, you still have the advantage in knowing this too shall past. If you look closer at the word, past, you should notice this word has a description of an abrupt, and permanent stoppage of forward motion. In fact, past means to be gone, done, finished, and ended. So, if this is true, why the need to hold on? Truth be told, you don’t hold on, but move on past the situation that caused you to lose your appetite, move on past hurt and pain that is keeping you up at night, release and move past those negative thoughts holding you hostage from desires of starting a new day. With God, you can move on towards the future. The good news is that success still awaits, victories are still waiting to be won, and yes, the momentum is still swinging in your favor. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV,KJV) which said, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. That’s confirmation ya’ll! You are still in route on your assigned destination to greatness. All is not lost, hell did not break loose, and they are not in control. Because of them you must re-energize, the journey for some may seem long, for others it will be almost too hard to bare. Through it all, keep looking to the hills, dare not look back, lean in, and press forward. I don’t care what you see, what they say, or what they may even attempt to do, stay the course. The road will seem dark, dreary, and in many instance unfamiliar, but keep going to towards your mark. Keep the faith. Walk with expectation and not hesitation. Each step taken is one step closer to your destination. God gave each of us a gift of life and your life represent a light that shines like no other. Walk in your light. You don’t have to believe me, and I encourage you to read it for yourself, John 1:4. In summary, it is that light that will reveal the plans God have set for you. Don’t worry about what it looks like, don’t worry about who fell by the wayside, and surely don’t worry or focus on the road blocks placed along the way. Because of them, God has given you a special light. A light like no other, let it shine and be the light needed in this dying world. Sister, you are beautiful, smart, strong, gifted, and loved. God has changed your past, blessed your path, and opened the doors to your future. Honey walk through it, don’t look back and shine, my sister shine. There will be times where you may feel your light is growing dim and you may even begin to lose your way, keep going follow the sparkles of other sisters who have left light to lead the way. For you are and will forever be the truth, and the light to this dying world. Love ya, and I can’t wait to see you be great!!! Wishing you God’s blessing on your journey!

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