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A Virtual Conversation with the Best Selling Author on Earth, James Patterson

How cool is it to stumble across an opportunity at the last minute to participate in a virtual conversation with your all-time favorite author and actually get accepted to participate and ask a question and receive a response. God’s blessing never stops! I became a fan back in 2000 when my dear friend, and Author of Victory After The Storm S. LaVerene Johnson shared a book which was one of his Women’s Murder Club books and instantly and very easily I might add I became hooked on his main character, Lindsay Boxer. Not only was it a great book, but it also was a beautiful start to a great friendship that we still share today. For those of you who haven’t read When The Bough Breaks yet let me let you in on a little secret which may also serve as an incentive to read the book, LaVerene also wrote the forward for my book and let me tell you it’s AWESOME!!! She’s a great writer and you should get her book too, but that’s also another blog on that very subject. Y'all already know when you are a blessing to others, God bless you, but back to the purpose of this blog. This opportunity to virtually chat with the one and only James Patterson put me in a state of absolute bliss and what could be described as cloud nine. Laughing out loud equal to that would be groupie status. Nevertheless I listen carefully to his sharing about his upcoming release of his new book ER Nurses, still hanging on every word while taking notes. I came away with 7 nuggets for writers that I will share in this blog for those who are contemplating on writing their first book or have already written a book and trying to figure out your next move.

1. Everyone has at least one (1) incredible story or experience to tell.

2. Write in a manner where your reader will continue to turn pages losing to the forces of not being able to put your book down curious to find out what will happen next.

3. Don’t lose your reader in the story.

4. If you are writing a children’s book….your mission should always be to keep the child engaged to the point where he will finish the book and WANT to read another book.

5. Don’t give up your dream. James Patterson admits he was turned down 31 times by publishers with his first novel.

6. Independent authors (self-publishing) – Positive thing now with writing is that you can publish your book online. In other words it’s much easier now to get your book out there. Recommending we support our local independent bookstore.

7. Once you write your first book it is a great idea to get out on social media (Facebook, Instagram and etc.) to let people know your book exists, but he doesn’t believe your focus should be just that to stay relevant. He recommends after writing your first book your focus should be to write your next book. Keep writing.

That’s enough to get your creative juices flowing for now. P.U.S.H. Publishing would love to help you get started. In the meantime, wishing you God’s blessing on your journey. Happy Hump Day!

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