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Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m Connie Standifer, the author of When the Bough Breaks, Mari And The Majestic Butterfly, and Chief Executive Officer of P.U.S.H Publishing (Pray Until Something Happens). I am thrilled to announce I am working on a third book to be published and ready for purchase January 2023.

When the Bough Breaks is a self-help book written to help validate dilemmas facing you in your life when coping with bereavement through the power of scripture and journaling. No matter how life unfolds, when your bough breaks, you will fall, but scripture shows us that you can and will recover.

Mari And The Majestic Butterfly shares those tender yet very confusing moments where our children also struggle to understand what the loss of someone they loved dearly really means. This book will help young readers navigate through the overwhelming feelings and experiences associated with grieving the loss of a loved one from the eyes of a child.

Please explore the book’s page for more details.

On this site, you’ll find information about the book and links to all my social media. Please follow and come say hi!


God’s blessing on your journey,


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