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The Rebellion Second Time Around

Disclaimer: These poems were written to commemorate black history month and honor historic African American achievements while facing constant turmoil past and present from the view point of the author and are not to be taken as a personal, political statement, and/or endorsement of any recent event or account. "CDS"

Ignore me if you must, but remember I am the voice of my ancestors whom bodies were slaughtered and rest in dust. Ridicule me with your slanderous tongue if you must, but remember, I am not of the same mind of those who you broke trust. It was my people who you chose to beat till black and blue over their decision to flee from the likes of you. Dare not raise your hand towards me, for I am of the slave, but nothing like the slave you were accustomed to. See I am not afraid of anything in the night, for with him I am always walking in my saviors light. So if you desire to set time back, while we strive to make America great please remember I am the extension of what once was your slave, educated, confident, and subduing rage. Breathing, and smelling injustice while turning the other cheek it will be God not me that will deal with the world’s need for supremacy. Oh say can you see, my country ‘tis of thee where all men should be equal and free. I am the extension of what once was your slave, so, come for me, but please think twice I have the blood of my ancestors and the second time won’t be as nice. I have no stomach for a repeat of 400 years of conquered, beaten, belittled, assaulted flesh and tears. So, come if you may and no, I will not retreat for it was my people you slaughtered in the fields and now these streets. Second time around retribution is a mutha.

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