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Exciting News About This Author * Pre-Order Today

Drum roll please! The moment we all have been waiting for is almost here! Mari And The Majestic Butterfly has passed the print press phase and well on her way to being a book on your little girl or

boy's bookshelf. The ship date for this wonderful children's book is scheduled for April 13, 2022. Hurry while supplies last to pre-order your copy of this book. For details, visit my website at and please do not forget to subscribe. Get your copy by then clicking on the Inspiration Store tab there you will be able to purchase your autographed copy of Mari and the Majestic Butterfly for only $19.99 without tax and shipping. You will not want to miss your opportunity to get your copy. This book grew wings taking flight during Women's history month in 2021. The book's main character, author, illustrator, and book editor are all women. Black girl magic and excellence is on full display from the front cover to the back. It was written by the author to honor the black family. The storylines tells our story and depicts a beautiful relationship of that of grandparents and their grandchildren. Connie's boldness to tell a story that many fine very uncomfortable or heart wrenching, yet she does it like none other in a caring and uplifting manner. Parents and caregivers alike will appreciate her efforts and the children be able to relate to Mari and her siblings. Her ability to see this very difficult situation from the eyes of a child is nothing short of brilliant. Stay tuned for the authors plans for a book launch party and more about the awesome illustrator and characters in this beautiful book. Wishing you God's blessings on your journey.

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