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Clenching My Pearls

Clenching my pearls my nerves on edge with excitement for the historic day. Still celebrating in dance through the shattered glass for one sister who truly broke free representing all sisters that look like me. Boldly she conquers all she dreamed and hoped to be, mama prayers paid off and now look who’s second in charge to lead the brave and free. Clenching my pearls, yet, still on bended knees, waiting to reign as the real Queen and VP. I am officially reclaiming my time, to all who thought this could never be, excuse me I’m speaking, to all, yes all who doubted me. In the coming days, I will raise my right hand, and my left will rest on HIS word as I take the oath a tear will surly roll down my face for those whom fought and died for me to stand in this very space. Leading the free world isn’t anything new. Leading as the first woman of color has totally shook this place. Clenching my pearls, thousands come to interrupt the certification of my destiny, did they not know they could never deny me. Still clenching my pearls caught up in this great moment I cannot help, but reflect on all those gone before that hoped, died, and marched for this day to be. Because of them, I promise to serve and protect the people of this great country, the home of the brave and free. We did it Joe! Thank you so much for believing in me and having the courage to risk it all and propel the plight of women through me. I promise to serve you well with nothing short of knowledge, style, and grace as together we rebuild and heal the human race all while clenching my pearls.

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