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Bough Breaking Experiences with COVID

Major news outlets report total COVID-19 deaths at 251,678 as of today and predicted to continue to climb with the onset of the winter months. That equates to a quarter of a million lives consisting of someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, child, sibling, niece, nephew, cousin, in-laws, spouse, significant other, dear friend, or close neighbor. Each represent a devastating loss to families of all race and creed through out the entire world. Whether we choose to admit or not this grave scenario will touch each of our lives if not already before the new year causing many to experience the unimaginable grief in the loss of a dear loved one. In my book I offer suggestions to returning to normalcy after loosing a loved one. I further offer a self-examination and reflection on the personal struggles faced like none other. Offering comfort and inspiration. I poured my heart into this book in hopes that it be a help to others grieving. Get your copy at and gift a copy to a friend who may need uplifting. Remember, the bough will break, you will fall, but you can and will recover. Mask up, stay safe and healthy your life depends on it!


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